The sidekick to your superhero

Specialist outsourcing partner support for contractors and logistics businesses.

Retention Management

Make sure your self-employed sub-contractors deliver their work to the standard you expect.

Risk Management

Identify and manage any risks that might impact your project's outcome

Defects Prevention

Prevent defects from occurring in the first place with our support.

Built for your business

Our bespoke, end-to-end processes are what set us head and shoulders above the competition. 

Stay ahead of the competition

All of our in-house experts take time to understand the latest technology and techniques in order to ensure our clients can stay ahead of the game. 

Out of site, out of mind

Our highly knowledgeable site relationship team keeps close content with each of our clients. This is a vital component of what we do, giving you peace of mind and a single point of contact. 

Keeping flexible

We will give your business the ability to quickly change direction and upscale for peaks in demand in unpredictable and fast-paced businesses. 

Experts at what we do.

Our knowledge of the contracting market means we can add real value to your business through a range of our services. 

Domestic Reverse Charge

From October '19, the Domestic Reverse Charge for VAT in the Construction Industry comes into effect. This anti-fraud measure will effectively remove the VAT from construction sub-contract supply chains, having a significant cash-flow impact on certain types of businesses. 

We're excited to announce that we will be introducing some exciting new services later this year to help make sure your workforce doesn't suffer as a result of these changes in legislation.

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