Risk Management

With our expertise and resources, we help businesses to reduce the risks associated with a contractor workforce.

Helping you protect your business

As specialists in the contractor market, we recognise, advise and reduce financial risks that might impact our clients, so they have the freedom to focus on increasing their bottom-line profits.

Analysing the risks

Our specialist team can determine the likelihood and consequence of each risk, helping to give you peace of mind. 

Building the risk register

Our team will put together a risk register for you, ranking their potential impact. This helps you to make smart decisions about how to deal with it. 

Our underwriting guarantee

With our insurance-backed underwriting guarantee, we'll help you mitigate any risks alongside our strict underwriting policy. 

Let's talk!

We’ll work around you to build a service that fits your business perfectly.

Our risk management services are tailored to suit your specific business needs. 

We’ve helped more than 53,000 people with their tax and VAT services and bring on 1,500 people each month, so your sub-contractors are in safe hands.

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Our business consultants are there to help. Get in touch today and arrange a face-to-face visit at your offices. 

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