How we help our customers

If you have a construction and logistics business, we can help with a whole range of business outsourcing services. We focus on helping our clients to reduce costs and manage potential risks.

Every project is different and we build every service package to suit you. With the support of our highly skilled in-house team and our experienced self-employed suppliers, our expertise is second-to-none.

Some of our services include providing expert advice and guidance around:

  • Providing expert advice and guidance around employment status
  • Risk management
  • Retention and defects management
  • Contracts
  • Audit processes
  • Changes in legislation

Self-employment is on the rise and is likely to continue. Logistics and construction businesses work with a lot of self-employed people and sub-contractors. As a result, they are finding themselves under the spotlight more often.

As part of IN-SYNC Group, operatives and sub-contractors have access to a whole range of benefits:


We understand the logistics industry inside and out Our tailored service was built to help deal with some of the typical pain points within the sector.

From improving driver engagement to reducing the risk of incorrect employment status classification, we help our clients to operate as efficiently and compliantly as possible.

Infrastructure, compliance and reducing the risk

Online shopping demand has grown a lot in recent years. People expect deliveries more quickly than ever before – Often within 24-48 hours. Logistics businesses must work hard to keep up with this demand and their infrastructure can get left behind.

We help these businesses grow in a way that is both compliant and efficient. Our services help reduce the risk to our client’s risk, whilst giving their drivers financial benefits.   

We help our clients make sure their drivers pay the right amount tax and have the right contracts. This helps to reduce the financial and reputational risks that are typically associated with engaging self-employed suppliers.

The owner-driver relationship and fleet management

One of the biggest challenges for logistics businesses is engaging the best drivers. This is made more difficult by the high costs involved for people to set up as a self-employed driver.

Beyond finding the best drivers, managing the fleet takes time, resource and budget. Maintaining vehicles, managing insurances and covering unplanned costs like parking tickets or vehicle damage can add up. Higher costs can reduce the client’s profitability and keeping those costs down is a priority for our customers.

We recognise how important the owner-driver relationship is. As part of the IN-SYNC Group, we can provide a flexible financing option for our clients’ drivers using our unique underwriting process. In this scenario, the driver owns their vehicle within 12-24 months, removing the client’s operational involvement.


Of the approximately 5 million self-employed people in the UK, almost 40% work in the construction industry. This adds a tremendous amount of value and flexibility to the UK economy.

There is a shortage of skilled tradesman in the UK. IN-SYNC Outsourcing sets out to help clients reduce defects and improve the quality of delivery, whilst attracting the right kind of skilled, experienced suppliers.

Our services allow our clients to focus on tendering for, winning and completing new projects.

We use a unique set of due diligence procedures, audits and technology which provides industry-leading compliance and surety, especially around the use of self-employment.